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Prince George’s Avenue

Client: Stephen

Brief: To build a rear Gable End kitchen extension to a home in Wimbledon; creating a larger living room space with lots of light. Timber Bi-folding doors were installed allow the extension to open up into the rear garden.

Timescale: 12 Weeks

With a kitchen extension in London, you gain more than an extra room. You can expand all of the space in general. If you have a small property, but cannot afford to move house to expand, a loft conversion can help you in just a few short weeks.

Our latest home extension in Wimbledon allowed Stephen to expand his living area and install a new bathroom. A rear Gable End kitchen extension, rather shallow in itself, expanded the house and created a larger, more light-filled space. Skylights and timber bi-folding doors allowed the maximum natural light into the space, while, the doors folded back to open the entire rear to the backyard; perfect for summer days and light evenings at home.


The client was able to choose a brick which suited the existing structure and those surrounding and that wasn’t the only choice they were able to make. All of our home extensions in London are designed with our clients’ needs in mind. No two projects are the same and all of our decisions are made with the client in mind.

Here, we drew up detailed plans and only set to work once each individual detail was to the client’s liking. The building project lasted 12 weeks but once complete the client had a brand new space that was fully decorated and ready to be lived in and enjoyed.


Along the way, Stephen’s dedicated project manager scheduled weekly progress meetings to ensure that everybody stayed on the same page. We pride ourselves on making our projects as simple and straightforward as possible because home improvements can be stressful but with our help the process can be as clear and simple as possible.

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