Quite often, the kitchen isn’t just used as a place to cook and store food but is used as the focal point of the house, the room where the whole family gathers and the place to be at parties. The finished result of a spacious kitchen that swims in natural light and can also be used as a dining room is quite often worth the blood sweat and tears that extensions can bring. However, it’s one thing deciding to go ahead with a kitchen makeover, its another thing choosing how you’d like it and drawing up that final design. We know that when you’re trying to transform a tired looking kitchen into something amazing, any ideas and inspiration are always welcome.

Decide what your new kitchen needs

First things first, you need to make your mind up about what your new kitchen actually needs compared to the one you already have. Are you after a large open plan space? Do you want a specific area for guests to dine? Is a breakfast bar over a traditional dining set more your preference? Do you need a space for the kids incorporated into the extension? Do you need room for appliances such as the washing machine? Or will you have a separate utility space? Once you have made these important decisions, designing your kitchen extension will be a little clearer.

Pick a good space

A kitchen extension doesn’t have to be simply expanding your existing kitchen space and it might be that there are different parts of the house that might be more suited to the type of kitchen you are designing. You might even want to rip out the kitchen you already have and start again completely from scratch. A nice, well built kitchen can really add value onto a house so think carefully about how it’s built.

Use natural light

Particularly if your extension is going to be ready in time for the lighter summer months, installing skylights or large windows allows your kitchen to seem bigger, creating a bright and airy effect that will do wonders for your new room. Better still? Glazed bi-folding doors leading to your garden, should the space permit. A kitchen with little to no natural light can often feel a little cramped and stuffy so use it where you can.

Have a kitchen island

Open plan kitchens are now, more popular than ever, for a number of reasons. Creating a beautiful open space in your home is a great idea, but you might still want to slightly hold onto the traditional kitchen/dining as two separate elements. An island or breakfast bar is a great way of separating the actual kitchen space (containing the oven and other appliances) with the communal seating area, yet still having that open space you’ve been dreaming of.  Kitchen islands can have a sink or induction hob installed for maximum use and can have a wood, marble or tiled finish, it totally depends on your preference and design for the rest of your extension.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

Choosing a colour scheme for your extension can sometimes feel like the hardest part. Do you choose something very ‘on-trend’ and risk wanting to change it a year down the line? Or do you play it safe with something a little plain but more timeless? Often, a great kitchen colour scheme is one that combines the two – a minimalist décor offset with one vibrantly coloured wall or brightly coloured appliances can work really well in making the whole extension pop. Definitely something to consider.

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