Extending your London home is a great way to create extra space. Whether you want a bigger kitchen or bathroom, an extra bedroom with en suite, more living space, or a combination of all of them an extension can transform your home and improve your quality of life, all without having to call a removal van.

The type of London home extension you have can dictate how it can be used, so it’s worth considering exactly what you want in terms of space and then looking at how you can achieve it. To help, we’ve put together a list of the most popular types of home extension we design to help you work out what’s best for you.

1. Side return extension

Simply Extend side return London home extension

A side return extension brings your home out into an alley way or drive way at the side of your house to create additional interior space. It’s not the biggest kind of home extension available but it can make a great deal of difference and is ideal if you want to create, for instance, an open plan kitchen-diner.

2. Rear extension

Simply Extend rear London home extension

A rear extension extends from the back of your property, usually making your kitchen bigger and giving you additional space for a living or dining area. The use of bi-folding doors can really open up the extension to your garden or patio as well, giving you a bright, airy space.

3. Wrap-around extension

Simply Extend wrap around London home extension

A wrap-around extension combines a rear and side return extension to give you the biggest possible space. It can be used to create a large kitchen-diner, perhaps with living area, making a fantastic space for entertaining guests.

4. Double storey extension

Simply Extend double storey London home extension

A double storey extension really maximises your home’s space. It costs more than other London home extensions as it uses twice the space, but it means that as well as extended rooms downstairs, you could also have an additional bedroom – maybe even with en suite.

At Simply Extend, we’ll consult with you on your home extension in London and talk you through what’s possible with your property. To get some inspiration, be sure to take a look at our case studies to get an idea of what you could have in your home.

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