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When building an extension it pays to have the environment in mind. By making it energy efficient you can save money on your running costs and maybe even on your build. Here’s how to make your extension energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


External wall insulation is one of most effective types of insulations you can have. It works by fixing a layer of insulation material to the wall, then covering it with a reinforcement and a special type of render. Highly recommended by Greenage, a leading energy saving advice website, external wall insulation can increase thermal efficiency, reduced heat gain in warm weather, can prevent penetrating damp, be applied without disruption, reduce energy bills by 40% and helps to muffle sound entering the home.

Infrared heating panels

Infrared heating panels work through radiation, not convection. They emit infrared waves, which travel through space and warm up any objects they hit including your body. Once heated with infrared, furniture, walls and floors, will release it slowly back into the room over time. Infrared light is the reason we feel warm in the sun even when the air temperature is cool. Standard convection radiators work by heating the air around you, which is easily lost through windows, doors and floorboards. You can buy panels in an array of materials and plug them into the wall or they can be hardwired into the system by an electrician. They use up less electricity helping to keep your bills down.


If you are installing skylights or Velux windows as part of your extension you can choose ones that are controlled by solar power. Velux became the first to manufacture such windows. These windows consist of triple outer glazing and an additional inner double-glazing. They also feature solar powered shutters, which can be controlled by a touch-screen control pad.

The sun does not shine all the time so when it comes to artificial light LED lighting is the way to go. They use 90% less power than traditional light bulbs.


If you want to keep your environmental footprint light then choose eco paint. Proper eco paint is high quality, breathable and made without the use of petrochemicals. Some eco paints can be composted.

Upcycle and pre-loved furniture

Everyone loves a bargain, and going on the hunt for upcycled and pre-loved furniture will save you money as well as help the environment. You can find pre-loved furniture on Facebook buy and sell pages, charity shops, car boot sales and websites like Freecycle.

Underfloor heating

There is nothing more satisfying than feeling a warm floor beneath your feet on a cold winter’s day. Underfloor heating has a bad reputation of being pricey, but in the long run, it’s a far more efficient way to heat your home than convection radiators. On the downside, they can take longer to heat up than traditional heating systems but you do have a more even distribution of heat.

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