A new kitchen can be one of the biggest investments we make in our homes, and according to Nationwide Building Society, it can add up to 6% to your property price. As replacing a kitchen or adding a new one as part of an extension can be a huge investment and somewhat disruptive, the last thing you want to do is buy one that becomes dated in a couple of years. Whatever your style, here are some of our favourite kitchen trends that are set to last through 2019 and beyond:

Colourful appliances

Colourful appliances have been around for some time. From fridges that pop in bold block colours to kitchen mixers that come in pastel hues, colourful appliances are a great way to inject some personality and fun in your home.

kitchen decor

Open shelving

Budget-friendly and eye-catching if done well; open shelving in a kitchen can create interest as well as being a focal point. Use them to display your favourite plates, cups, glasses and kitchen accessories. It’s also a popular trend on Instagram with thousands of posts of well-organized kitchen shelves being shared all over the world. This trend is only set to get even bigger. 

open shelving


Copper has been a trend for some years now and there is little sign that it’s going to drop out of fashion anytime soon. According to Living Etc, copper continues to reign. You can add copper accents to your kitchen with the use of door handles and taps. If you want to make a statement go all out and opt for a copper hood or built-in oven or range.

Large sinks

Large porcelain skins such as Belfast sinks have never really fallen out of fashion. While always popular in rustic country kitchens, these types of sinks have now found their place in contemporary style kitchens too. Not only do they look great but they, are also practical as you have the space to wash all those large pots and pans that don’t fit into the dishwasher. Don’t forget to add a porcelain or a wooden draining board to complete the look. 

Whatever your style, kitchens are the heart of the home. You can enhance your property with a kitchen extension that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Simply Extend today for a free site survey. For more home improvement inspiration take a look at our Pinterest boards.

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