The long winter nights are getting shorter and shorter by the day so it’s time to come out of hibernation and reinvigorate your home with the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2016.


Pink is not just for three-year-olds who are going through a princess phase and this is not about bubble gum and hot pink. Grey-pink or dusty pink – the colour of flamingos or of early sunsets that’s what we’re talking about. This whimsical shade works well on a feature wall, as a textile or you can use accessories to give your home that Grey-pink accent. Contrast with bronze, dull gold or green.


Leaf and foliage prints

Whether its ferns from a British forest or bold jungle foliage, leaf and botanic prints is a trend that is looking to take 2016 by storm and not just in the world of interiors. Fashion has also succumbed to prints inspired by the natural world. Be confident with this trend try it on wallpaper, soft furnishings and upholstery.



Ratten became popular during the colonial period with the opening of trade routes to the Far East. It became the height of fashion after the Brighton Pavilion was built and a number of the furniture was made out of the vine like wood which is closely related to palm trees and grows in the jungle. Ratten piece are ideal for light filled open plan spaces and conservatories.


We are becoming more aware that cheap plastic goods harm the environments so we want become more eco-friendly and get back to nature. Many companies are now offering sustainable furniture pieces that have a rustic charm as well as sound eco credentials such as FSC approved.

Bold block colours

Go bright, go bold in your home! Colour blocking in bright shades is making a big impact this season. However, remember to stick to colours that work together it’s about bright bold harmony not clashing. Use textiles, soft furnishings and statement furniture to bring these colours together.


Taking a leaf out of the Arts and Craft movement, folk infusion is here. Think statement floral cushions, painted furniture and rustic wood. Nordic folk, which is set to lead the trend, combines northern folklore with Scandinavian landscapes. Get the look with print cushions, emerald green and off white.


In this age of mass manufacturing, we all yearn to have something truly unique – handmade products gives us that. As much as we would all love to have a house full of artisan furniture, the price tag is too much for most. So how can you get in on this trend if your budget is more Ikea than master carpenter? The answer customise shop bought products.

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