We all know that undertaking a home improvement project is one of life’s most stressful situations!  To make life that little bit easier, Simply Extend, London’s leading home extension builder has compiled a useful list of 5 key tips to surviving any type of building work.

1. Organise your party wall agreement

If your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side, then you will need to arrange a party wall agreement before the work begins.  Each neighbour has to be informed of the proposed works using a party wall notice form at least two calendar months before the start of the build, so it pays to be organised!  Simply Extend are able to provide advice on this process and if necessary put you in touch with one of our certified party wall surveyors.

2. Try to move out

There’s no denying that building work can be disruptive and noisy at times!   If you select the Simply Construction team, they will try their hardest to keep noise and mess to a minimum but if you simply need to move out, then now is the time to call on friends and family to see if you can stay with them or in rented accommodation for any given period.  If it is impossible to move out for the entire build, then pick a week or two when the heaviest work is being done.  Your Simply Project Manager will be able to advise.  Finally, for families with small children try to arrange extra play dates with friends and family away from the home.

3. Protect your furniture

Throughout the build, there may be times when your home can get very dusty.  Make sure you cover any furniture with dust sheets, and shut doors wherever you can to stop the dust from entering.  Pack away any items not being used to prevent them from being damaged.  For extra protection you can request your Simply team to put up temporary stud partitions to block out any work being done to your home.

4. Keep passage ways clear

During the building work, materials for your new space will be coming in and any waste will need to go out.  To make this less disruptive and to ensure no damage is done to other parts of your home, make as much of a clear passage as you can to the site where the building work is taking place.

5. Keep communication open

Throughout the build its important to ensure that communication is kept open.  At Simply Extend, you will receive the service of a designated Project Manager. Use weekly meetings with them to review progress and iron out any important areas you need to cover.  Simply also have a dedicated hotline and Customer Service team who will always answer the phone if you cannot get through to your Project Manager. They will chase up any issues on your behalf and make sure you always know that someone within the Simply Team has listened and is dealing with your request.

And remember once you get through this, you will be left with a beautiful new space in your home to enjoy!

For more information on how Simply Extend can transform your home with either a kitchen, side return or rear extension, why not call us on 0800 917 7571 and book your free no-obligation site survey.

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